Kamis, 04 November 2010

tugas kelompok modul 1

Testing of database applications is crucial for ensuring high software quality as undetected
faults can result in unrecoverable data corruption. The problem of database application
testing can be broadly partitioned into the problems of test cases generation, test data
preparation and test outcomes verification. Among the three problems, the problem of test
cases generation directly affects the effectiveness of testing. Conventionally, database
application testing is based upon whether or not the application can perform a set of
predefined functions. While it is useful to achieve a basic degree of quality by considering
the application to be a black box in the testing process, white box testing is required for more
thorough testing. However, the semantics of the Structural Query Language (SQL)
statements embedded in database applications are rarely considered in conventional white
box testing techniques. In this paper, we propose to complement white box techniques with
the inclusion of the SQL semantics. Our approach is to transform the embedded SQL
statements to procedures in some general-purpose programming language and thereby
generate test cases using conventional white box testing techniques. Additional test cases
that are not covered in traditional white box testing are generated to improve the effectiveness
of database application testing. The steps of both SQL statements transformation and test
cases generation will be explained and illustrated using an example adapted from a course
registration system. We successfully identify additional faults involving the internal states of

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